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As the industry’s trusted partner, Incremental helps businesses assess, plan and predict the real impact of commerce and retail media decisions.

A Measurement & Predictive Analytics Platform to Fuel Growth & Scale

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Shine a Light on Attribution

Brands and their teams have been steadfast in their pursuit of neutral measurement for retail media, so that sellers can safely know the impact of their decisions. Incremental is that beacon of light and trust, is structurally neutral, and is a guide for all.

Incremental by the Numbers

Over the past three years, Incremental’s platform has been operating, growing, and delivering value to brands, some of the largest household names in the market. Through and beyond the pandemic growth, the transaction volume we have measured through the platform is impressive.

Articles & Thought Leadership

What’s happening now in commerce! Incremental discusses trends, information and insights to help commerce professionals excel in their jobs and grow their businesses.

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Let’s talk about your brand and the benefits of predictive, neutral measurement.