Your Clients Are Counting (On You)

When it’s about the efficacy of their advertising dollar, and the resulting sales lift, it is important to get it right. Plan the next moves with confidence and evidence from a third party so you can give them the best opportunity for success.

A Single Source of Truth

Find transparency in your attribution and uncover the incremental impact of retail media investments.


  • Implementation support
  • Flexible user roles
  • Forecasting and budget simulations
  • Report builders and data exports
  • White labeling
alt="ecommerce retail media measurement tool"


Last-touch attribution doesn’t capture cross channel or online to offline sales impacts. Get credit for the full value of the sales driven.

alt="ecommerce retail media measurement tool"


Spend less time wrangling data. Incremental automates the collection, cleansing, and reporting of commerce and media data so you can focus on what matters.

alt="ecommerce portfolio Monitoring tool"

Budget with

Manage budget and goal setting expectations with facts. Predictive models determine exactly how far an advertising budget will go, and how much more is needed to reach sales targets.

Uncover Incremental Growth

Let’s talk about your brand and the benefits of predictive, neutral measurement.