Professional Sellers

Focus and Grow Your Brands - Together

Access transparent reporting on behalf of you and your brands while unlocking incremental sales opportunities for growth.

Your Single Source of Truth

You are the champion of the channel, the prince of placement! With Incremental measurement and prediction, you can be confident in your decisions, and share your conviction transparently with your partners.


  • Implementation support
  • Flexible user roles
  • Forecasting and budget simulations
  • Performance emails
  • Mobile friendly dashboard
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Know Your Portfolio

When you can see your whole portfolio, it is easier to see outlier performance. Then you can either model the star performance, or change the strategies or tactics of the laggards. It all starts with trusted measurement, and a portfolio view.

Dive Deep on Data

When you see trends in your portfolio, get into the details on a particular brand to see the predicted outcomes and action recommendations.

Keep Them informed

Deliver daily and weekly emails to keep everyone on the same page, and with the same investment mentality as you bring.
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Uncover Incremental Growth

Let’s talk about your brand and the benefits of predictive, neutral measurement.