Capture Every Dollar

Every dollar spent on every channel is important, so make the most of the opportunity to drive incremental sales with trusted intelligence from a neutral 3rd party.

Your Single Source of Truth

Find transparency in your attribution and uncover the incremental impact of your retail media investments.


  • Implementation support
  • Flexible user roles
  • Forecasting and budget simulations
  • Performance emails
  • Mobile-friendly dashboard

Set and Exceed Goals

Set goals grounded in fact. Determine exactly how far your advertising budget will go, and how much more you need to reach sales targets.

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Make Confident Decisions

Simulations allow you to try out decisions before making them, giving you the confidence to act boldly with certainty.

Share the Credit

It takes a village to manage a complex commerce business. We encourage workflow collaboration with access and sharing tools to reduce the need for emails and meetings, allowing your and your agency partners to focus on what matters most.

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Uncover Incremental Growth

Let’s talk about your brand and the benefits of predictive, neutral measurement.