Commerce Analytics

Connect. Analyze. Decide.

Our core commerce decisioning platform presents an at-a-glance view of the day-to-day performance of a brand’s commerce business across online & offline channels. Underpinned by our robust enterprise data platform which translates the fragmented chaos of cross channel commerce & media data into a single consolidated view.

Get SKU & Campaign-Level Transparency

Aggregate up or drill down by brand, channe, or SKU with customizeable taxonomies. Deliver holistic reporting to your team across your retail, advertising, inventory and financial performance giving you a bird’s eye view.
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Identify Gateways Products & Top Cohorts

Generate greater lifetime value by identifying which products act as a gateway for your overall brand, driving greater retention and upsell/cross-sell over their lifetime. 

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Track Sales Targets & Profit Goals

Your sales and profitable targets are integrated into proactive tracking that monitors progress to them and identifies opportunities to close gaps against them. These can be set at a brand or SKU level to provide role based goals which align users to overall business goals.

Uncover costs with SKU-Level Net-Margin Reporting

Manage your brands to profitable growth by uncovering hidden costs associated with selling across channels. Consolidate financial reporting, landed costs, selling costs and advertising costs to provide both brand and SKU level net margin reporting.
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alt="e-commerce analytics software"

Collaborate with Workflow Tools

Your success is a team effort. Our collaboration suite of tools drive processes for ecommerce executives and leaders to manage, motivate, and plan growth among internal and external teams.

Articles & Thought Leadership

What’s happening now in commerce! Incremental discusses trends, information and insights to help commerce professionals excel in their jobs and grow their businesses.

Uncover Incremental Growth

Let’s talk about your brand and the benefits of predictive, neutral measurement.