Portfolio Management

Selling and Investing in Success
Portfolio is a suite of ecommerce performance tools and processes for managing private equity portfolios of consumer brands, or brands served by a professional selling business.

Multi-Brand, Multi-Channel Monitoring Made Easy

Bring together multiple brands and lines of business into a single consolidated view of performance with the flexibility to aggregate and disaggregate metrics across brands, channels, and products.
alt="ecommerce portfolio Monitoring"
alt="ecommerce portfolio monitoring tool"

Get Multi-party Accessibility From Single-Seller Accounts

Sales or shipping reporting from a single account can be permissioned allowing agencies or partners which manage sales or advertising on the behalf of multiple brands the ability to provision each brand their own data while still maintaining a holistic cross brand view for themselves.
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Provide Executive Reporting With Brand Drill Downs

Top-line reporting can be delivered right to executive and brand manager inboxes. Through the integration of sales and margin goals, progress reports can be delivered to internal stakeholders automatically in a format that is easily accessible.
alt="ecommerce Portfolio Monitoring for quarterly business reviews"

Streamline Quarterly Business Reviews

End-to-end business reviews and QBRs are streamlined with in-platform workflows and the complete integration of retail, advertising and financial data, enabling greater transparency and dialogue.
alt="ecommerce portfolio monitoring tool"

Sell With Professional Tools

For partners managing channels or advertising on the behalf of brands, branded asset integration enables the platform to be used as a selling tool.

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