Retail Media Measurement

Measure. Predict. Plan.

Measure the impact of each dollar spent on the incremental sales they drive. Predict how your next dollars should be spent. Plan your budgets for profitable growth. All from a structurally neutral third party.

Test and Learn: Simulate Future Incremental Sales

Test out strategies before executing them. Simulations allow you to plan out different investment scenarios at a channel and campaign level and see their projected impact on future performance allowing you to refine your strategies before putting them into action.
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Measure Incremental Impact

Invest with confidence by knowing the incremental impact of your retail and retail-aware media. Factors like advertising on many channels, promotions, search rank, and seasonality can cloud the performance of your investments. Controlling for these brings transparency to each investment’s incremental performance, so you can manage your advertising confidently.
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Optimize Campaigns

Get greater returns from your campaigns by optimizing towards incremental sales. Last touch attribution obfuscates the true performance retail media campaigns. We provide transparency into each campaign’s incremental impact by controlling for external factors and provide easily actionable recommendations on how to shift campaign budgets to maximize sales growth.

Budget-Based on Sales Goal

Know exactly what advertising budget is needed to hit your channel sales target. Machine learning models forecast your expected baseline sales then deliver simulated advertising budget scenarios, predicting how much investment is needed in order to hit sales targets, while staying profitable.
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Plan Across Channels

Walled gardens and privacy make it difficult to track marketing performance across platforms and channels. Our privacy-safe solution establishes a causal connection between your media investments and sales across all online & offline channels to provide you with a holistic view of performance and where to invest your next advertising dollar.

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