Transparent & Neutral Reporting Is Here

The hype is real, retail and retail aware media has tremendous opportunity to deliver greater and more profitable growth for brands but without transparent and neutral reporting of that performance, it will struggle to live up to that promise.

Now Is the Time

Retail media has achieved the growth of previous digital advertising tactics in 40% of the time – showing the accelerating importance of this medium and the speed of change in digital advertising.

Why Neutrality Is Important

Rapid adoption combined with limited data availability (due to consumer privacy and walled gardens) has contributed to widespread adoption of less robust and transparent measurement of retail media that is riddled with conflicts of interest.

There is a widespread call for neutral 3rd party measurement and more robust performance metrics. That’s where we come in…

Meet Incremental

A common fact base is needed in order to unite brands, agencies, and media sellers in a single view of performance. That fact base must come from a party that is structurally neutral and devoid of any conflict of interest related to media performance.

We’ve gathered together a team of media measurement, ecommerce, and ad tech professionals to bring new light to media measurement.

How Brands Are Using Incremental

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Let’s talk about your brand and the benefits of predictive, neutral measurement.